About Us

VarMed has extensive development experience.

Our information systems management team has over 30 years in combined IT experience, ranging from inbound/outbound applications and scripting to advanced browser based Web development. The Microsoft development environment provides scripting and reporting flexibility to Insight clients. Applications are developed using the Microsoft suite of tools such as Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro programming languages. They provide the ability to custom-design both inbound and outbound applications, and allow for extremely sophisticated scripting and branching capabilities.

Our telecom facilities are interconnected to three independent fiber accesses: PRT (wireline provider), AT&T and PREPA (government service provider) with T-1 PRI available thru copper facilities from the first two providers and MPLS for Internet and VoIP circuits.

What should your company consider when evaluating a contact center provider?

Reliability. Our strict quality control guidelines and operations protocol ensures optimum efficiency and constant auditing for continuous improvement. As a US commonwealth, Puerto Rican providers must comply with US healthcare regulations. VarMed meets all Federal and National US regulations including HIPPA, HCAHPS and HITECH.

Experienced Management. Our Executive team is composed of well-rounded and experienced professionals with more than 20 years in the healthcare industry:

Joaquín Vargas, MD-CEO, Healthcare leader in Puerto Rico with over 30 years of experience and President of the IPA Association of Puerto Rico.

José J. Vargas, President, Finance background with 10 years of administrative experience in the healthcare indutry.

Interdisciplinary Team. Our staff is an interdisciplinary group of over 100 professionals, specially trained in the use of our tailored information systems to innovate in patient-oriented services to the community:

Medical Directors. Family physicians wih over 20 years of experience.

Clinical Management Staff. Certified RN’s with over 20 years of experience.

Case Manager. Certified RN’s with years of experience.

Social Workers Team. Excellent professionals with over 15 years of experience.

Clinical Psychologists. Certified with over 10 years of experience.

Health Service Representatives. Well rounded experts, more than half of them with post graduate studies.

Nutritionists and Health Educators. With the latest certifications to day.